Touch Switches

Fox Domotics Touch Switches offer industry-leading solutions in home automation. Our Touch Switch products are technology rich, command intelligent response and offer superior automation experience. Combining modern design, latest technologies in its make we have ensured that our Touch Switches available for the global market offer increased functional benefits and ease of scalability and adaptability to diverse home and habitat environment. A snapshot of our Touch Switches is best summarized here; connect with us for a detailed demonstration and user experience.

Our Design

High Quality Capacitive Touch: One of World’s best-in-class capacitive touch-technology from Cypress goes into the design of our Touch Switches. The result is latest and industry leading touch and feel experience in our products.

Glass Color variants: We at Fox Domotics have always ensured a diverse appeal in all our products. Our Touch Switches likewise have been customized to offer options of coloured glass, namely in variants of black colour glass, white colour glass and grey colour glass.

CE certified products: All our Touch Switches are fully CE compliant and CE certified thereby assuring confidence on safety, health and environment of our Customers, their habitat and environment.

Made In India: Fox Domotics Touch Switches are an end-to-end Made In India product. A dedicated team assures Warranty and After Sales Service to all our Customers.

The Built:

Toughened Crystal Glass:

High quality toughened crystal glass commands strength of our Touch Switches.


The toughened glass retains high resistance to scratch increasing robustness and longevity of the product appeal.

High Load capacity per channel:

Each point on the Touch Switch has 12Ampere load capacity for greater durability and long-lasting operations.

High Quality body material:

Our Touch Switches are developed with high quality Polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is known for high strength and high heat resistance thereby ensuring our Touch Switches are built to last usage longevity.

100% Retrofit:

Fox Domotics Touch Switches are fully retrofit, thereby ensuring an ease and flexibility to be looped into any regular metal conceal boxes that are usually available at any electric hardware supply store.

Enhancing Function

Proximity Sensor: The Proximity Sensor in our Touch Switches command best-in-class sensory operations. It elevates the experience of our Users. As one brings his or her hand near the switch, the indication glows, and if the hand is taken away for mere 12 seconds the indication goes off. A Proximity Sensor of such operative capacity is bound to enhance the experience within your home and environment.

IR Remote Control: Every Fox Domotics Touch Switch has an IR Remote Control which can be promptly used for easy controls from your seat or bed. Anyone including Elderly people can easily learn the controls and put to use.

Scene Control buttons: The panel on the Fox Domotics Touch Switches comes with 4 Scene Control buttons. The purpose of this set of buttons is to offer an accelerated and easy one-touch control in all the variants of our Touch Switches.

All OFF button: A dedicated all OFF button on all our Touch Switches bring an ease of shutdown on the home controls.

Shock-Proof: With its glass-built, the Touch Switches become shock-proof and pose no risks. Even with wet hands the devices remain 100% shock-proofs.

Easy to Clean: The high quality and robust glass construction makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. One must simply wipe the glass surfaces with a wet cloth and then with dry cloth.

Better hygiene: Former button switches have traditionally remained difficult to clean as they have edges and corners due to the buttons’ shapes and the way they operate. Touch Switches with their plain glass surfaces can be cleaned on a daily basis thereby making it more hygienic for use within a home / environment.

Inducing Scalability:

No special wiring required: Our Touch Switches do not require any special wiring and/or cabling requirements and easily fit into the standard wiring and/or cabling available. A simple replacement process of former button switches with the Touch Switch panel device is all that is needed by the Technician.

Various Sizes & Combinations available: Fox Demotics Touch Switches are available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 Module sized Touch Switches and in each size multiple combinations are possible. This flexible technology offers great scalability for diverse automation requirements of our clients.

More channels per size: All our Touch Switches have more channels per switch eg:

a) 8 modules have 1 fan + 8 on/off totaling to 9 per channel
b) 6 modules have 1 fan + 6 on/off totaling to 7 per channel

This optimization technology drives cost savings for our Customers when compared with traditional button switch panels in which double plates are required to loop similar or lesser operations.

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