Projector Lift Motor

We provide reliable, ultra quiet, motorized projector lift motor, ideal for corporate professionals, commercial and for conference room etc. Every projector lift motor mechanism is manufactured in India and backed by a full 1 year warranty, making it the perfect buy for any professional or individual.


  • Made from High Grade Aluminium material
  • Very light in weight
  • Load Capacity : Standard Motor 18kg & Heavy Motor 50kg
  • Provides cable track system for hide, protect and gather cables when the projector lift is going up and down
  • Unique cable track design is perfect solution for laying the cables
  • Special kind of projector mount clamps with spring tension, developed for easy mounting and projection calibration
  • Fitting clamp for bottom plate with adjustable height and width
  • Projector upper and lower limit can be locked as per installation requirement
Curtain Motor
Projector Screen Motor

Available Models of Projector Lift Motors - Technical Information

Model No L1 (cm) L2 (cm)W (cm)H1 (cm)H2 (cm) Drop (feet)
FDPRL 1803 56 46 47 17 12 3ft
FDPRL 1806 56 46 47 25 20 6ft
FDPRL 2403 71 61 62 17 12 3ft
FDPRL 2406 71 61 62 25 20 6ft
FDPRL 2410 71 61 62 33 28 10ft