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Intelligent Automation

Automated interiors have become the new trend of the current times. Home, office or luxury hotels, none of the interiors are complete without adequate automation features. These automation systems enables the users of the space to control the lights, fans, air conditioners, television sets, curtains, blinds etc from a remote location, or even with a single voice command. The luxury and the comfort of the system do not fail to wash over every single person using such a place.

Naturally the demand for such products and services is quite high and the industry of interior automation services is definitely witnessing a huge influx.

We are 'Fox Domotics'

Fox Domotics is a leading brand within the industry of home, hotel and office automation. We are a brand manufacturing and providing solutions of smart automation controls to clients both within the nation and customers across the world. Established in the year 2008 we are a company of professional experts developing some of the sleekest, stylish and power automation solutions and systems for a global clientele.

Our manufacturing unit/factory is based in Mumbai, India that has been facilitated with the Automated SMT line. This supports high quality electronic assembly which results into the manufacture of high end electronic automated products. Our company is invested in a research and development oriented approach through which we aim at coming up with new and improved automation products for the global market.

Quality is of paramount importance to us as we do a detailed check of every product or item we manufacture. Our ISO 9001:2005 certification is a testimony of the quality control and assurance we provide not only in all our products but our every business operations.

Our Mission

We aim at building ‘Smart Systems’ which helps the world to be a better place and enable the global population to live a better life.

The modern people are living in a smart age. These are the times when appliances, equipments and systems around us are not only smarter, stronger but are also much more power efficient. We are a leading Indian brand in the industry of automated smart systems. We aim at designing, engineering, and providing sleek and sophisticated smart systems which will not only enhance your convenience and comfort but even give you cost effective products of home, office and hotel automation.

With technology taking up a major part of the contemporary life we at Fox Domotics are relentless trying to come up with better smart solutions of interior automation which can make your life simpler, better and easier.

Why come to us?

True that the number of companies working in the industry domain is quite numerous, even then the number of reasons that marks our specialty is quite considerable.

  • In the industry for more than a decade
  • Catering to the nation as a whole
  • Business network in global markets like US, UK and UAE
  • Broad clientele base
  • Delivering quality assurance with every product and service
  • Offering automation and smart solutions for home, office and hotels
  • Broad product base
  • Easy installation promise
  • Offer customized solutions for your required environment
  • Research and development oriented approach

The last almost decade and a half span in the national and international market has been quite rich and successful for us, which have allowed us to work in different contexts. Our satisfied customers spans across segments like individual home owners, reputed commercial brands, large residential real estate project developers, luxurious and lavish hotels and resorts, etc.

Our Achievement 2010 - 2021

Our achievements are reflected through our successful market penetration in countries across 4 continents of the world.

We work with a global team of more than 6 thousand installers, distributors and resellers across the world.

Our product array covers more than 16 types of smart automation systems that can be categorized in three broad categories:

  • Home Automation Solutions
  • Hotel Room Automation Solutions
  • Conference room Automation solutions

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Satisfied customers

Customer Satisfaction

The comfort of using these products is way beyond the imagination of a person who hasn’t experienced the products as of now. To summarize:

  • Right home automation can enhance the look of your décor
  • Now you can switch on, off your electrical points without budging an inch
  • Use our Alexa voice controlled automation to give simple voice commands for simple actions.
  • These systems can be a huge benefit for families with disabled members. Life can be better than what it was for them.
  • Set alarms for your geysers and lights and ACs so that they can turn on and off at a determined time without you having to worry about them.
  • Now you can remote control your home electrical points even if you are not in the office.
  • The user friendly Fox Domotics app is easy to download and install
  • Our expert teams can upgrade your home systems without any hassle.

Our Commitment

Better Durability

Better Quality

Better Stability

Lower Cost