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WiFi Light Control Systems

WiFi enabled smart switches are an integral part of the modern automation systems. These switches like their predecessors are used to control various electrical points and appliances and offer greater functional superiority, better security standards and definitely classier looks.

Fox Domotics brings you an array of such WiFi touch switches which are smart, sleek and durable. These new age smart switches which are designed to transform the looks of any enclosed space, offer cost friendly and energy efficient solutions and also to enhance the safety factor of any house.

A step beyond manual electrical point control

At Fox Domotics we invest in a good in a highly research and development centric process of making some of the most advanced and latest touch switches. These illumination control system are a modern take on the earlier toggle and tick tock switches – however, they are the more evolved and sophisticated versions without a doubt!

This is an intelligent lighting and other electrical point control system that can incorporate communications taking place between RF remote control and IR remote controls. These systems can be used to carry out multiple command types, independently and even at the same time.

Fox domotics touch switches

The advantages of these WiFi enabled light control system over their earlier manual predecessors are enormous and impressive:

  • They offer a high versatility as they can control individual and multiple points with equal ease.
  • Sleek and stylish models that can be incorporated into any kind of decor
  • Equally applicable in all types of contexts – industrial, commercial and residential
  • Helps to upgrade the looks and convenience of any room décor
  • Highly child friendly
  • Users needs no prior training
  • Can be installed in any background
  • Can be operated through Alexa voice control
  • Can be operated through Smartphone apps conducive to both Android and Iphone models
  • Enables remote access through WiFi light switch Android and WiFi light switch Iphone apps
  • Enables controlled energy consumption
  • Offers lighting controls that can be used for dimming lights.
  • WiFi light control can help to set different kinds of lighting effects within a closed space.
  • WiFi light switch dimmer not only helps to reduce electricity bills but at the same time can also ensure longer durability of the lamps.
Wifi light control system

These new age lighting control systems are smart and super stylish.

They are seamless solutions that provide a much easier and simpler life style. This can be increasingly felt in a household that has members having problems with their mobility. These new age WiFi enabled switches can be maneuvered and controlled without having to move from your position.

Experience new age hotels

True, with the help of these smart control lighting systems homes and offices can be given a new look and a much better index of convenience, but these are not the only properties that can do with these lights.

They serve to be some of the of the best hotel room automation systems. This lighting remote control adds to the experience of the guests putting up in the hotel. Indeed it is becoming one of the most popular trends for the luxury hotel and resort industries. The list of benefits offered by these smart light control systems are more than one.

They offer a highly stylish look to the hotel room décor

Operating the internal facilities is simple and convenient

The entire setup gets a rather classy feel.

The guests are treated to something delightfully smart and comfortable.

The controlling can be done through mobile apps or through Alexa voice control.

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