WiFi Light Control Systems

Fox domotics Lighting control system are network based intelligent lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system like IR remote, RF remote, mobile, laptop or computers. Lighting control systems are used in both indoor and outdoor lighting for commercial, industrial, and residential areas. Lighting control system can be controlled to provide the right amount of light where and when it is required.

The lighting control system gives major advantage over stand alone lighting controls or conventional manual switching. Lighting control system provides ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from single user interface device. Complex lighting scenes can be created and thus multiple light sources can be controlled from a user device. This gives the advantage for creating multiple scenes pre-set for each activities for a room. A major advantage of lighting control system is reduced energy consumption. Lamp life is increased with dimming control and switching off lights when not in use. Wifi lighting control systems provide additional benefits for controlling lights directly through mobile device which is the most used device by any user.

Fox domotics range of lighting control system comes in variant type. Following are the classification based on communication type.

Crystal glass finish Capacitive touch front panel and IR remote is common in all above device.

Thus in any Fox Domotics lighting control system you will find 3 ways to control your lights

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