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Latest News

IR Blaster and RGB controller

January, 2018

Wifi IR blaster and WiFi RGB controller has been launched successfully and also been installed successfully at clients end.

Retail Marketing Started

May, 2017
Started spreading our presence at Retail storea across mumbai for easy avilibility of products to consumers. Now any one can buy our products from a Fox Domotics authorized store near you.

Secutech Mumbai 2017

April, 2017
Participated in Secutech Mumbai 2017. Had got overwhelming response from visitors. Thank you visitors for great success.

WiFi Home Automation

Fox Domotics Private Limited is a research and Development Company based in India. We are specialized in developing smart systems which are energy-efficient, reliable and simple to use. With our consistent efforts from our team of professional we have been able to develop new systems which are smart, reliable and stable.

With smart technology we have been able to develop a new range of product and system for home, office and industries. Our range of product are WiFi light control system, android and iPhone apps for Wifi Touch Switches, Cloud Server application for Wifi Touch Switches, Touch switches, Hotel Room Automation Switches, curtain motor, tubular motor for roller, roman and Austrian blind, rolling shutter motor and WiFi wall switch for curtain and tubular motor

Our Range of products are WiFi enabled and thus we provide true WiFi home automation systems. It works on your existing home or office WiFi network which is standard world wide as WiFi is almost found in all devices like mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. This enables easy and direct device control from with in the network or through internet from anywhere around the world.

With our strong research and planning we have been able to build new range of systems which are smarter and give a value added products to our consumers. Our objective has always been to provide a system which simplifies and provide comfort and value added to one's life at all time. With this objective our research teams are working with best technology and come up with new systems which are smarter, reliable, stable and cost effective.

At Fox Domotics you will always find new and smarter inventions happening. Our aim is to provide products and solutions which are energy efficent and help save lots of power through our smart systems. We are honored by our consumers when they feel great to use Fox Domotics smarter technology systems and products in their daily life.

Featured Products

Fox Domotics is the leading manufacturer of Smart Home technologies. Our range of systems has been designed to the highest architectural specifications and represents the best products in the market today, in terms of price, functionality, customization and flexibility.

We provide solution for your Home automation, Centralized Wifi light control system, Security locks of gates, doors and other systems, Customised control of your home using mobile apps, touch and IR Remote control, Motorized Curtains and Blinds, Motorized Projector screen and lift and Other electronic Gadgets to make your use truly comfortable for you.

WiFi Touch Switches

This product is for home automation. Get complete control through mobile phone, touch and IR remote by installing WiFi touch switches in each rooms. Experience the power to control from any place when you are on the move.

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Touch Switches

Upgrade to Crystal Glass Finish touch switches along with IR remote from old fashioned Tik-Tok switch for home, office and hotels. Now replace your old switches with new elegant looking glass switches which can be operated through touch and IR remote.

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Hotel Room Automation Switches

Give your hotel room with advance features like Key Tag for power saving, Do Not Disturb, Make My Room, Laundry features and indications along with crystal glass finish touch switches.

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Curtain Motor

Add value to your curtain and windows with motorised system. With our quite design and high quality motor you will enjoy and cherish the systems.

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Tubular Motor

AC tubular motor are used in various vertical blinds systems like roller blind, roman blind, Austrian blind etc... With motorised vertical blinds the easy of controlling is the best part of the system. It's worth owning such system which always gives extra comfort and easy.

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Rolling Shutter Motor

Operating shutters manually is very difficult always require maintenance for easy operations. With Fox Domotics rolling shutter motor now you can open and close your rolling shutters with just a push of a button or RF remote.

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Our Product Qualities

Curtain Motor

Fox Domotics manufacture the best quality product for our consumer. Our engineer work hard to develop technology which are best in quality and more affordable in price.

We proud that we are able to deliver quality product to our consumer at lowest possible cost.

Fox Domotics is primarily a research and development company. With strong development team and vision we are able to deliver new breed of product which are much smarter and reliable. With new smarter technology and a team which is constantly working hard to develop smarter system, we always try inventing smart system for our consumer.

To make our development strong we put our most of time in research of new technology and put our efforts to build product prototype for next generation products which are more robust, reliable and smarter.

Fox Domotic is bind to provide quality service to our consumer. We make sure that our products are built for robustness, but even though if it requires any maintenance we are their to provide quality service.

With quality product and service our product are the first choice for consumers and we are very happy to continue with our work and service.

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