Replace old style traditional Tik Tok switches with new Fox Domotics Touch Switches for your home

Touch Switches

Touch Switches are gaining its popularity due to its advantages over old styled traditional switches in home. When ever you are upgrading your house the least priority is switches but if you think of usability it is most used on your day to day basis. With new touch switches which are elegant and good looking it adds up to your interior. Further its loaded with lots of usable features which makes your daily use very easy and convenient.

List of advantages of Fox Domotics brand Touch Switches

  1. Crystal toughened Glass Touch Switches.
    • Scratch Proof
    • The looks of the glass is long lasting more than 5-6 years. Just clean it and get the same look as the new one.
  2. Back painted Glass
    • Gives safety from scratching of paint
    • Since its on back side the life is more than 6 to 7 years with no damage.
  3. High quality and High Durability
    • 12A Relay has been used for durability
    • Only Copper PCB  are used
  4. Hum Free Fan Regulator
  5. Easy to install Male and Female Connectors.
  6. Can be connected to Inverter power supply along with mains power
  7. 2 way switch can be done

List of features of Fox Domotics brand Touch Switches

  1. 2 method of control
    • Touch
    • IR remote
  2. Individual On/Off control
  3. Fan Regulator control
  4. Scene Control
    • Their are 4 scene control button on Touch panel and IR remote as well
    • one Master On on touch panel and IR remote also
  5. Back light Indication with proximity sensor (back light goes off after 10 sec and it wakes up when hand reaches near the touch panel).

Why choose Touch Switches over regular tik-tok switches?

  1. It comes with IR remote very important difference.
  2. It have scene control.
  3. Can be cleaned with wet cloths.
  4. Sock proof due to 4mm thick glass in front (can be operated with wet hand).
  5. gives the Classy Look with elegance on the wall.
  6. The looks are long lasting for more than 6-7 years with out any scratches on it.
Touch Switches


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