Light Control Cloud Server

Fox Domotics cloud server is centralized server used for storing data and manage lots of activity like push notification, secure data transfer between your smart devices at home and smart phones.

Fox Domotics Cloud Server

Get the ability to be always connected to your home.

Mange and store your home settings from online panel

Fox Domotics Dash Board
Create Rooms
Create rooms to your home and give customized name
Add Smart Device
Add smart device to each rooms. Can add multiple smart devices to each room.
 Rename light channel
Rename each light channel with custom names like blue tube light, halogen light etc..
Create and manage scene
Create and manage scene for entire home or partial home
Add Event
Create and manage event based scene for single channel or for multiple channel like time based events, temperature based events, security sensor based events, etc…
Create Member
Create and manage member of the home