Hotel Bedside Control Panel


This bedside control panel is crystal glass finish touch panel placed beside the bed in a hotel room. This control system is a stand alone system with fully loaded with features.

It is a capacitive touch crystal glass finish control panel for Lights ON/OFF, Light dimmer, Fan dimmer, curtain or bind motor control. the number of control required is customized as per requirement of the hotel.

This system has got various scene or mood light control. Firstly as the guest insert the rfid card in key card panel the 'Welcome mood lights' are activated for the guest.

On the touch panel we have various mood lighting touch button like 'Reading Mood', 'Night Mood', 'Party Mood', 'All Lights OFF' etc... The panel have individual light control touch button as well for guest to set its own lighting needs in the room.

The Bedside Control Panel gives complete feature and convenience to guest.

  • Standalone complete system with Light ON/OFF, Light Dimmer, Fan Dimmer, Curtain or Blind Motor Control. All in one system.
  • The Number of points required is customized as per hotel
  • Welcome Scene along with many other scene
  • Individual light/Fan control possible
  • Curtain or blind motor control is possible
  • Crystal Glass finish
  • Different Glass color available
Technical information

Modal No

  • Operating Voltage
  • Output ON/OFF Relay
  • Output Light Dimmer
  • Output Motor Relay
  • Size options
  • Screen Color
  • Customized


  • 230V AC, 50Hz
  • 230V AC, 12A Omron Relay
  • 500W per point TRIAC dimmer
  • 230V AC, 12A Omron Relay for motor
  • 3 module, 4 module, 6 module, 8 module sizes available
  • Black / White / Customized
  • OEM & ODM


  • Volt
  • Ampere
  • Watts
  • Ampere
  • -
  • -
  • -