Why WiFi is the best wireless technology for Home automation

Touch Switch

WiFi Home Automation

Growing demands for home automation system in India market, the demand for durable, advance features and less cost of ownership is growing day by day. This has built pressure on manufacturers to bring system that are easy to install and maintenance free which in turn will reduce the total cost of ownership to client.

Fox Domotics have built WiFi range of smart systems which are easy to install and are maintenance free system. All our systems are IoT (internet of things) based, which connects to your existing WiFi network present at your home or office and can be controlled through mobile apps directly as the mobile devices are also in the same WiFi network.

The difference between wired system and wireless system

In wired system all of the devices are connected through a CAT 6 cable for communication between each other. The total cost of CAT 6 cabling increases as it’s conduct laying and labor cost is huge. Even though we lay CAT 6 cable we need a strong WiFi network for our mobile, smart TV, laptop etc. as these devices can only connect to internet via WiFi only.

With Fox Domotics WiFi smart systems we don’t need to lay CAT 6 cable and hence saves huge cost. Our WiFi smart systems connects to same WiFi network as the mobile are connected to and can be controlled through mobile devices and Voice command through Alexa, additionally it has touch and IR remote control as well.

The advantage of choosing WiFi as wireless technology over other wireless technology for home automation

The WiFi is the most secured and common wireless system present in any home our office. For internet WiFi is the only wireless technology used world wide for home and office. It is most secured network in the world and also give fast speed.

If we choose any other Wireless network than still we need to have WiFi network in home for internet and also mobile device only connects to WiFi network. So the home would have 2 network, first is WiFi for mobile and second is non-WiFi for home automation. In this condition it would require a bridge between 2 network that is known as Hub, which again adds cost to whole system. further it complicates overall installation and maintenance of the entire system which adds to extra cost of ownership.

Also if any other non-WiFi wireless network require WiFi network as well to operate than why not take WiFi smart system which connects to existing WiFi network and thus avoiding 2 wireless network and also no need for central Hub.

Myths about WiFi network

The  myth about WiFi network is that it can not handle high load of data thus becoming slow and thus people misguide to have home automation on separate non-WiFi wireless network, which is not true.

As we see in our daily use that all your video data, HD video data are streamed on WiFi network. now a days we have IP camera which exists on same network. Whole office has many mobile, laptops, printers and even PC connected to WiFi network for internet and local data exchange happening all the time, without any issue.

Today its the fastest, secured and can handle heavy load of data with out any error.

Don’t get misguided by any one as you are using WiFi every day without any failure in your home or office.

Why choose Fox Domotics for home automation?

Fox Domotics is an Indian Brand based in Mumbai for manufacturing of WiFi based home automation systems. Currently we manufacture following controllers which are used for home automation.

  1. WiFi Touch Switches (100% Retrofit & available in 12,6,4,3,2 Module sizes)Touch Switch)Wifi Touch Switch
  2. WiFi  IR blaster (4 port per device)
  3. WiFi RGB/RGBW controller (12V/24V, Max 200W)

We manufacture motors as well

  1. Curtain motor (for left right motion)
  2. Tubular Motor (Roller, Roman, Austrian Blind or any Up/Down motion)
  3. TV Lift Motor
  4. Swing Door Motor
  5. Rolling Shutter Motor


Fox Domotics have complete range of products required for home automation. One brand for all products for home automation system.

Further all our WiFi range of controllers comes with 3 years warranty and curtain and blind motor comes with 5 years warranty.

We have very good network of trained dealers across India. Fox Domotics registered dealers are in all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Surat, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune and the list goes on and on. Fox Domotics have certified and trained dealers in all above cities.

We are the number one brand in India for WiFi based home automation system. We have been selected as top 10 home automation brand by Silicon India magazine in year 2018.

top 10 home automation company in India



Fox Domotics Curtain Motor

curtain motor FDH-7520-S

Curtain Motor for window automation

Motorised curtain are the need of todays modern home or hotel. Window curtain’s are most important part of the house and every room have one or more windows which needs some type of covering. Curtain is most common in every home as it gives 100% black out from lights. During afternoon once curtain are closed it gives 100% blackout from sun light and also prevents noise keeping the room silent. Fox Domotics curtain motors are the best in quality and durability and their for it is one of the most preferred brand in India and abroad.

Manual opening and closing of windows specially large and heavy curtains can be tedious and difficult by hands and so Motorised curtains are the solutions for it.

curtain motor FDH-7520-S
curtain motor FDH-4520-R

Fox Domotics curtain motor are silent motor and gives a perfect solutions for windows curtain. No need to open and close curtain manually. Fox Domotics curtain automation gives you best solutions as per your requirement. We have high quality motor with complete assembly and control system to operate curtain using voice control (Alexa and Google Home), Mobile control (Android and iPhone), Touch and Remote. You can choose different options as per your requirement and budgets.

Fox Domotics Automatic curtain are made for long life and rugged use in home environment. All our motor are 230V AC motor and comes with electronic automatic limit setting. It also have push to open and pull to close functions. We have total 2 variant of motor as shown below.

Standard type motor
  • FDH-4520-S  (45 watt motor for max window length 12 feet and max weight 40 Kg)
  • FDH-7520-S (75 watt motor for max window length 16-20 feet depends on weight of fabric max 70 Kg)
RF inbuilt type motor
  • FDH-4520-R (45 watt motor for max window length 12 feet and max weight 40 Kg)
  • FDH-7520-R (75 watt motor for max window length 16-20 feet depends on weight of fabric max 70 Kg)

Common accessories are

  • Textile Belt
  • Aluminium Track
  • runners
  • and other plastic accessories

curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories curtain motor accessories

Watch few video for different type of curtain motor system installed.


Home Automation by Fox Domotics

Home Automation

Fox Domotics home automation system are WiFi based wireless IoT devices. it connects to home/office WiFi network and can be operated through mobile device (android and iPhone), voice command (Alexa and Google home), IR remote and through touch.

Fox Domotics manufactures complete range of home automation products which include Touch Switches, WiFi RGBW controller, WiFi to IR blaster, Curtain MotorBlind Motor, TV Lift Motor and Swing Door Motor.

Light Control System

We have different models in different sizes as per retrofit standard. All our touch switches are 100% Retrofit and fits into existing electrical metal conceal boxes. The conceal boxes comes in different sizes like 2 module, 3 module, 4 module, 6 module and 12 module. Fox Domotics have touch switches for all different models like 2 module, 3 module, 4 module, 6 module and 12 module. It makes wide variety of choice, to fit into every ones requirements.

The look and feel is amazing. every touch switches comes with elegant crystal glass finish front panel with capacitive touch. We have 3 different color of glass to choose for each model i.e. Black, White and Gold. Different color have its own richness and it blends on your wall to give a rich look and enhance your interiors.

touch switch 2 module
Touch Switch 2 Module




We have WiFi range of Touch Switches which can be operated through voice, mobile, IR Remote and Touch and we call them as WiFi Touch Switches.

We also have non WiFi rage of Touch Switches which can be operates through IR remote and Touch only.

All our WiFi Touch Switches and Standard Touch Switches have 3 different functions

  • Fan Dimmer (Capacitive 4 step, without hamming noise)
  • Light Dimmer ( Triac based smooth light dimmers for all type of dimmable light like Led panel light, Led Strip Light and halogens) Note: Led light require phase cut dimmable Led drivers.
  • On /Off Relay (12 A 230VAC Omron relay, can connect any load max 500W on each point)

Depending on above 3 combination we have different models in each sizes and so it becomes easier to choose as per requirement.

WiFi RGB/RGBW Controller

Fox Domotics offers RGBW strip light control for getting millions of color. this device is WiFi based RGBW controller and can be operated through mobile which comes with color pallet selections.

One can decorate with beautiful color from this device in your home/office. it gives you best way to select million of colors and also adjust the brightness as per your mood.

Helps in creating unique ambiance with ease.

WiFi to IR converter (IR Blaster)

With more number of remote controlled devices at home like TV, Set-top box, Music System, AC temperature control etc. it becomes difficult to manage and use so many remote.

Fox Domotics IR Blaster is the solution of choice. With this single device you can control 4-6 different device. It has 4 port for probes output. IR Probes comes in 2 variant Single emitter Probe and double emitter probe.

Since Fox Domotics IR blaster is WiFi based we just need to configure it with the existing home/office WiFi network and start using the device.

Their many learned IR code available and even we can learn any remote with same device if it is not in our database. The learning has to be done Once and their after it is saved in our database permanently.

IR blatser for remote

Curtain and Blind motor for Windows

Fox Domotics curtain motors and blind motors are heavy duty, long life and silent operation motors for window automation.

All our motor are silent operation and comes with 5 years warranty of motor(*see Warranty terms and Condition).

we have WiFi touch switch for motor control. We have 2 models, single motor and double motor options available. Thus curtain and blinds can be controlled through voice, mobile, touch and IR remote.

We have RF remote controlled motors also used in offices where only RF remote is required.

TV Lift Motor

Fox Domotics TV lift motor is for lifting TV up and down. The motor is heavy duty, long life and silent operation. the lifting weight capacity is around 55 KG and a big 70 inch TV can be mounted easily.

Swing Door Motor

Fox Domotics Swing door motor is used for 90 degree swing door. The motor is heavy duty, long life and silent operation. It can swing a door up-to 120 KG of weight.