Why go for WiFi light switch?

Today wireless technologies are more in use than wired base system for communication and control. Both has its own advantage but by far due to convenience, wireless is more popular over wired due to its advantage of installing the system even when the interior is over or any time the client wants it to do.

WiFi technology used world wide

One single touch is all you need to set up a winning presentation. Fox Domotics provides a simple automation solution for everything from lights to projector lift, projector screen and shades all into a single integrated system. Of course, no two businesses are the same--that's why Fox Domotics offers flexible solutions which will be tailored to your specific business technology requirements.

Wireless systems are now more cost effective as no CAT 6 cabling is required which actually decreases the total cost of ownership. Also easy installation and maintenance has made it more popular in all type of system.

The most used wireless technology is WiFi for internet purpose and is almost found in any home or offices which have internet connections. WiFi is the most common device found in almost all mobile (smart phones like android and iphone) and laptops. Today it has become the most needed inbuilt system for internet world wide and almost every consumer is aware of it.

In home automation there are many companies who manufacture wireless light control system other than WiFi technology. All these systems when need to be controlled require converter for communicating with the mobile device because of 2 different technology. Entire home needs to have 2 wireless coverage for both wireless networks. This makes it more complex to install and maintain when compared to WiFi light switch.

With Fox WiFi Light switch you get following advantages

  • Only one wireless network required that is WiFi, which is already done in any home or office where internet is required.
  • Only One common WiFi network thus eliminates the requirement of converter for communication with mobile device or laptop or PC or server.
  • Less no of device for automation means less cost of ownership.
  • Less no of device means less time for installation
  • Less no of device means less maintenance
  • Less no of device means energy saving
WiFi technology
Stand Alone Device

Fox Domotics WiFi light switch and WiFi light dimmers are stand alone device with inbuilt WiFi system which makes it ideal for any home or office which needs to be automated. Once device is powered on, it connects to your home or office WiFi network and thus you can control it through any device connected to the same WiFi network. Fox Domotics android apps at Google play store and iPhone apps at iTunes are both free apps available for home owner to download and start controlling all connected devices like light, fan, AC, Curtain, dimmers or appliances from your phone.

Apart from mobile device Fox WiFi light switch and dimmers comes with front elegant glass finish with capacitive touch to control individual light switch and dimmers. The glass comes in two different colors i.e. white with gold mark and black with gold mark. Also the light switch and dimmers comes with infra red remote control for easy controlling.

In all Fox WiFi Light switch and dimmers can be controlled through mobile device, capacitive touch and IR remote. This makes it most ideal device to fit in for every ones individual need in the home and at office.

Fox WiFi Light switch and dimmers can also be controlled from anywhere around the world when you are outside your home or office. With the Fox Domotics apps you can view live real time status and can also control it. This feature makes it very convenient when you are on the move. This feature requires internet at both end i.e. in your mobile and also at home. Also a small Fox security device is to be installed at home for filtering the command coming from outside for securing the house from unwanted hacking or other threats.

Control Your home form any where
eco friendly product
Fox Domotics is committed to provide solutions which matches maximum requirement of any consumers need. Our expert team of R & D works on smart solutions which are of high quality, durable and best price products. Our teams are committed to provide best support and training to our installers so that they could give better solutions and service to the end consumers.

Fox Domotics is also committed towards world environment and thus develop and manufacture only green products which are good for our planet. We are committed towards ‘Go Green’ initiative.

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